Saturday, January 9, 2010

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The news that Dubai world sought to delay debt payments shocked the financial world last week and triggered massive flight to safety. Whether that is a significant turning point in global recovery or just an excuses for an overdue correction in risk sentiment is up for debate. But after all, the technical development in major financial markets did had some significant break through. We're talking about massive rally in Japanese yen which hit 14 year high against dollar and broad based fall in yen crosses. Dollar benefited from broad based selling in yen crosses and rebounded against major currencies except the yen after dollar index breached 74.31 support briefly. Asia stocks were hit hard with Nikkei dropped to as low as 9081 to further confirm medium term reversal. US stocks were relatively resilient as markets stabilized on Friday but the break of near term support in DOW and S&P 500 both indicated near term topping at least. While yen major consolidates initially this week as Asian markets recover, we'd extend further rally ahead, unless there is confirmed intervention from BoJ.

Regarding the strength in Japanese yen, we're talking about -4.47% fall in NZD/JPY, -3.77% fall in AUD/JPY, -2.91 fall in GBP/JPY and -2.84% fall in USD/JPY respectively. While there were some speculations of intervention, there was no confirmation so far. Japan Finance Minister Fujii described recent relentless rise in yen as "one-sided" and being "harmful" to the export-led economy of Japan. However, Fujii didn't indicate a return to intervention and just said that he may contact US and European officials and expressed his support for a G7 joint statement on currencies.

While dollar also managed to follow yen strength and rebounded last week, the strength in the greenback was somewhat limited by resilient in gold and crude oil. Gold dropped from new record high of 1195 to as low as 1130 but managed to pared much of the losses and rebounded strongly to close at 1174. Crude oil also dipped to as low as 72.39 but again managed to recovered back to price range to close at 76.05. While dollar managed to rebound further against Sterling, Aussie and even the Canadian dollar, the greenback is still kept below near term resistance against Euro and Swissy.

Fed minutes released last week showed policy voted unanimously for keeping the interest rate low at 0-0.25% and scaling back its purchase of agency debt from $200B to $175B. In the minutes, policymakers also revised up economic growth forecast while trimming unemployment rate outlook. Fed also reiterated the stance that rates will be kept near zero for an extended period as long as inflation expectations are stable and unemployment fails to decline. More importantly, the minutes described recent dollar depreciation as "order" indicating policy makers are willing to tolerate a weaker US currency.

There are also some other important developments to note. Firstly, ECB officials are believed to be debating whether to put an adjustable interest rate on December’s 12-month loans and some of the market participants interpreted that as another signal of stimulus exit in 2010. Secondly, EUR/CHF dipped to as low as 1.5010 last week but rebounded strongly on SNB intervention. It looks like SNB is still determined to defend the 1.5 handle in EUR/CHF. Thirdly, Canadian dollar was boosted last week but news that Russian central bank will add the currency to its reserves and would probably be the more resilient commodity currency.

What Your Date's Social Web Use Says About Them - The 21st century has given us some new metrics to measure prospective partners in online dating. For instance, social websites and services. Once you realize that each of these services has its own unique culture, it becomes immediately apparent that different niches would attract different people over time. To wit:

Yahoo! Groups - Very old school. Expect someone either senior-citizen age, or tragically out of touch with the modern web.

Digg or Reddit - The hive of drones. This is a mixed bag, as these are the two most-frequented social sites, but expect someone age 18-25, very well-informed about the web, very insulated against the rest of the world.

Face book - Again, everybody and their dog (literally) is on Facebook now, so expect people of all ages and persuasions. But also count on somebody with "nothing to hide", who is very connected to their family and/or co-workers.

Twitter - Chatterbox! At least you know they're a great communicator who's always available. Look out for egos.

My Space - Look for teenagers and younger. Anybody on My Space over the age of 21 might have serious developmental issues, unless they're entertainers (singers, artists, etc.) keeping touch with their fans.

4chan - Either you're dealing with lowlifes, or the rare intellectual who finds the brainless silliness amusing. Don't bet on the latter.

Adult Friend Finder - Sexually liberated. However, also look out for people cruising for quick casual sex.

Success with Online Dating

When it comes to online dating and looking for a long-term relationship on the Internet, there are quite a few who are quite skeptical. There are plenty of avenues that Internet users can begin with when looking for singles in Australia, sites like are apt and serve the purpose extremely well. The online dating Australia is growing exponentially since many singles have found ideal matches and a larger pool of potential matches. According to a study online dating, ninety four percent users that built a relationship by communicating via instant message, email, scraps etc and went on a date have met up again. This percentage of elite singles is increasing day by day and shows the impact that online dating has in reality.

Also single male Australians are more honest and emotionally dependent on their online women partners while the single Australian women are bolder when it comes to sexual preferences because of virtual anonymity. This has shown that honesty is not an issue when it comes to online dating and each are more committed to the relationship. Though online dating is popular, the users then go on to traditional dating methods for a better stability and commitment in the relationship. In this way the Australian singles forge a long-term relationship and add to the success stories of online dating.

The secret in finding a long-term relationship is in the amount of communication between the users; the more IM’s were used the better they understood each other. The additional advantage that the online dating sites have is that people of each age group have found their ideal matches, no matter if they were 18 or 75. And in order to find single Aussies in an area that is close, sites have search databases that are for Melbourne singles, Adelaide singles, Darwin singles, Hobart singles, Sydney singles etc. Online dating services have a variety of other features that ensure the singles meet each other like online couple games, chat rooms, etc this ensures that the Australian singles are introduced to other singles.

The online dating site removes the need for singles to guess their potential dates likes and dislikes. This is because the user profiles are detailed and lets them know everything required keeping them prepared; this is what traditional dating methods lack. So is responsible for the success in long-term relationships when it starts off from online dating. In order that the user does not narrow down potential matches, the dating sites offer them to pursue more than one relation at a time, a bonus that traditional dating does not allow. So when the relation goes sour you can easily cut off ties and pursue an alternative match that meets your preferences better. This saves you the trouble of emotional heartache, blues, etc and another plus of online dating bettering the success of online dating.

There are other benefits that online dating, one of them is that you can commit to a relationship only when you are ready and this is possible since the pressure of starting one is not felt online. Variety is another benefit that most users overlook, and is not seen in traditional matchmaking by friends and family. And there are plenty of others for Aussie singles that only online dating let you experience as words fall short of the pleasant emotions you go through.


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Both Sides of Special Interest Dating

So you have met this terrific person that is into the same exact activities that you are into. Most people would call this type of dating special interest dating because these activities may not be common like horse back riding, martial arts or even musicians. It is one thing to have an open minded partner who is interested in learning what you know and another is a person who already participates in what you do. In this way, you are able to collaborate together rather than have the teacher student dynamic in the relationship.There are two very different sides to special interest dating. Finding someone who enjoys what you love to do is a great way to meet this person first of all and then to spend time with them. Life is so busy sometimes that between working and studying, the few hours that you have off, you want to spend them doing something that you love. However, if you have a partner, you will be expected to spend time with this person. With special interest dating, you can spend time with the person that you have or want to have a relationship with and do what you love to do.

You can learn a lot about your special interest from your partner’s point of view. This could be valuable and interesting information that makes you fall deeper in love. At this point, special interest dating seems to be the best type of dating out there. Here comes the but. A major downside of special interest dating is that if one day you do not want to pursue your special interest or can no longer do it, then you may lose the one bond that was holding your relationship together. You may even become resentful if your partner can continue to participate while you cannot.

You may also lose your identity in special interest dating, Many people pride themselves in having a talent. When you share that talent with the person you love, you may feel like you are less special. Therefore, if you want to feel good in your relationship and have a strong relationship despite having a common interest then it is important to have interests outside of your special interest. If you are a martial artist, it may be better to train in different dojos. If you are a musician, you may want to play in a different band then your partner. This way you can keep your identities and separate your lives a little while still having a common interest to link each other together.